Advertising Begins To Appear On Wolfram Alpha

Posted May 20, 2009

I haven’t talked about Wolfram Alpha much in the past because I had not quite looked into it until recently.  But after watching the demo video, I was quite impressed and could see myself using it for math purposes.

Wolfram Alpha is named after the founder Stephen Wolfram.  The search engine is able to input information that is typed in by the user and use A.I. to output anything related to that keyword.  You could type in a full geometry problem and it would output the solution and give you graphs.  I’m excited to see the project evolve.

From a venture capital standpoint, the first thing you would ask yourself is how would this make money.  Like every other search engine, the easiest way to monetize is through advertising.  StartupMeme caught an advertisement by Lenovo appearing on the side (picture above).

Wolfram Alpha is ready to accept sponsored advertisements right away even the project is still being developed.  If you aren’t able to find search results within Wolfram, the website encourages you to search the web via Google.