Google Inc (GOOG) adds new features to AdWords

Posted Apr 22, 2014

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has added some new features to Google AdWords. The new features have an emphasis on mobile devices. The new features also includes automated billing, bulk actions, and advanced reporting protocols that let users analyze ad data without having to reformat it. Here are some of the new features.

The new AdWords helps businesses that are looking to promote app installs on the AdMob network. “If you exercise regularly and use an app to measure how far you run, you might see an ad for an app that helps you measure the foods you eat and calories consumed,” said Google in a blog post. Google also added a new re-engagement campaign for apps. Consumers can be taken directly to already-installed apps while searching.

“For example, if someone has the HotelTonight app installed on their phone and searches for ‘hotels in San Francisco’ on, they can go directly to the specific page in HotelTonight about SF hotels, instead of being taken to the app?s main landing page,” added Google.

AdWords will let you measure conversions across the entire lifecycle of the app from install to re-engagement to in-app purchases.

Bulk Actions: You can easily set up campaign settings like location targeting and ad rotation across all of your campaigns. This should be useful for large seasonal promotions and want to update all of your campaigns at once.

Automated Bidding: Google AdWords is adding the ability for you to maximize the number of conversions or the total value of the conversions.

Advanced Reports: To analyze data better, Google is providing you with new multi-dimensional data analysis and visualization tools so that you can perform most (if not all) of your data analysis.

Labs: AdWords now has a lab for you to prepare ideas for campaigns so that you can run tests with live traffic as an experimental trial. You can experiment with bid changes, new keywords, special bids for times and locations, different ad formats, and different campaign settings.