Aereo Is Coming To Miami, Houston, and Dallas Next Month

Posted Aug 8, 2013

Cloud-based TV provider Aereo has announced that their services will be expanding in Miami, Houston, and Dallas starting next month.  Aereo will be available in Miami starting September 2nd, Houston on September 16th, and Dallas on September 23rd.

Aereo offers a small antenna that lets customers access over-the-air programming.  Aereo’s cloud-based DVR lets users record over-the-air programming and watch it again on personal devices like tablets, PCs, and the Apple TV.

Aereo’s technology is being disputed in court by the major TV networks.  ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS has filed a lawsuit against Aereo claiming that the service violates their copyright.  These networks are asking Aereo to pay them retransmission fees.  Aereo recently won a legal round at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit so the networks may have a hard time.

When Aereo launches in the three new markets next month, they will offer the first month free.  An Aereo membership will cost $8 per month after that.