Aereo Is Launching In Utah On August 19th

Posted Jul 22, 2013

Aereo is a service that lets users watch live TV through computers and mobile devices.  Shows can be saved to a personal DVR as well.  Aereo is already available in New York City, Boston, and Atlanta.  They will also be available in Utah starting August 19th.  It will also be available in Chicago starting September 13th and will hit 22 more cities this year.

The service will be available in all 29 of Utah’s counties, making it accessible to 2.8 million citizens.  Aereo charges around $8 per month to store 20 hours of programming and $12 per month to store 60 hours of programming.

Unfortunately, Aereo is facing lawsuits from large TV networks like Fox and CBS.  An appeals court in New York upheld a ruling to allow the service to keep streaming in New York.  According to GigaOM, Aereo will eventually launch a movie channel and free news channel soon.