Aereo launches on the Chromecast

Posted Jun 5, 2014

Aereo, the popular streaming TV streaming service, is now available on the Google Chromecast. Aereo updated its Android app today to support the Chromecast. The Google Chromecast is a $35 dongle that lets you stream content from your computer, smartphone, or tablet to the TV.

There are also a number of apps built into the Chromecast. Aereo users will need to download the Aereo Android app and connect their Chromecast. From there, you will need to click the “cast” icon from Aereo.

Aereo lets users stream content from local broadcast channels through an app or web browser. You can also record shows to a cloud-based DVR.

The subscription costs $8 per month for 20 hours of DVR and $12 per month for 60 hours. The more expensive plan also lets you record from more than one channel at once.

Aereo is only available in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Baltimore, Cincinnati, San Antonio and Austin.

Aereo is in the midst of a legal battle against the networks that claim Aereo violates existing copyright laws. The networks and Aereo took their case to the Supreme Court last in April. A decision is expected to be made this month.