Aerospike raises $20 million in Series C

Posted Jun 24, 2014

Aerospike is the world’s first flash-optimized database and is the fastest reliable in-memory NoSQL database that operates with unprecedented speed at scale on just a handful of servers.

Aerospike has raised $20 million in Series C funding led by New Enterprise Associates with participation from Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Alsop Louie Partners, Regis McKenna and others. Aerospike enables a new class of applications that combine transactions and hot analytics that can process billions of objects (20K-2M+ transactions per second (TPS) and 100GB-100TB+ of data).

It has predictable sub-millisecond latency and ACID reliability. Aerospike requires minimal operator intervention and has been in production non-stop for nearly 4 years. Some of its customers include [x+1], AppNexus, and eXelate.

?Aerospike was built to take advantage of modern processors and flash storage, and today powers many of the top digital marketing platforms that operate at extreme scale,? stated Aerospike CEO Joe Gottlieb. ?We are now seeing strong demand from enterprises that must scale their revenue-critical applications with both predictable low latency and strong consistency. This Series C financing by NEA, CNTP, Alsop Louie Partners, and Regis McKenna provides the resources we need to open source Aerospike and take advantage of this broad market opportunity.?