Affectiva Raises $5.7 Million In Second Round

Posted Jul 23, 2011

Affectiva is a start-up company that analyzes emotions to improve consumer experiences. Affectiva has raised $5.7 million in a second round of funding led by WPP and Myrian Capital. WPP and Myrian will have board member seats at Affectiva going forward.

Affectiva was founded in 2009 by two scientists from M.I.T. Affectiva started off as a project as an autism project at the MIT Media Lab. The financing will be used to go towards Affdex and Q Sensor. Affdex is an emotion recognition software and Q Sensor is a wrist sensor that measures the electrodermal activity (EDA), motion, and temperature to quantify emotions. Affdex software uses the computer’s webcam to read emotional states through non-verbal responses like facial expressions.

?Marketers recognize that emotion drives brand loyalty and purchase decisions. Affdex addresses an enormously challenging problem, understanding how people really feel in order to create products or experiences that are engaging and drive the right response,? stated Affectiva CEO Dave Berman.