After 32 Months In The Making, Techmeme Adds Search

Posted May 20, 2008

Techmeme launched in 2005 and Danny Sullivan immediately mentioned that “there’s no keyword search facility that I can see. I want that, and soon!”  Gabe Rivera and his team toiled over the last 32 months to ensure that Techmeme has a way to search for posts. 

Search wasn’t always the highest priority for Techmeme.  Becoming a mainstream, newsworthy site was the highest priority.  But now that search is available, here is a list of common uses.

For companies that aggregate data like Crunchbase, search queries can be used to embed data relating to specific keywords.  For example, Crunchbase lists aggregated Techmeme data for the companies in their database.  Click the thumbnail below to see a sample of how the data is used:

Techmeme Search shows headlines that appeared on the homepage in a reverse chronological.  Headlines that appear in discussion are excluded.  Rivera pointed out that search services like Ask Blog Search, Google News, and Topix of returning everything that they have indexed.  This is what makes Techmeme search unique.  It only returns noteworthy results, not exhaustive data.

While there is a search box at the top of the Techmeme homepage, a more barebones search is available at  Techmeme visitors can filter results based on data in the title only or within the summary text of individual stories.

Omer Horvitz, Techmeme’s first hire designed the search.

Review of New Techmeme Feature:
For media researchers such as myself that depends heavily on Techmeme, it is important for me to be able to filter out information about the companies that I am interested in.  Since Techmeme has been capturing the best technology news stories over the last 3 years, this is the best way to get that information at a rapid pace.

The functionality is simple, yet effective.  After entering search keyword(s), navigating around the site is simple enough.  There are numbers at the bottom that indicate how far back or forward you want to find your results based on the time stories appeared on the homepage.

I highly recommend those that haven’t used Techmeme before to get into it now.  Especially now that search has been added.