AgilOne Raises $10 Million In Series B From Mayfield and Sequoia

Posted Nov 28, 2012

AgilOne is a marketing intelligence company that has raised $10 million in Series B funding.  This round of funding was led by Mayfield Fund.  Sequoia Capital also participated in this round.  AgilOne has raised $16 million in total funding to date.

AgilOne is a software-as-a-service company based in the cloud that goes through marketing data in order to create analytics reports for current and future customer behavior.

Companies will be able to predict how customers respond to certain offer and get a complete view of their customer across multiple channels.

?Marketers have a lot old data on hand, and we allow them to make this data clean, and give users predictive analytics as well,? stated AgilOne CEO Omer Artun in an interview with TechCrunch.

Some of AgilOne’s clients include Moosejaw, PetCareRX, and Shazam.