AIM Lifestream Converges AOL IMs, Tweets, and Facebook Statuses

Posted Jul 7, 2009

TweetDeck gave us a platform where we can track the tweets from the people we follow and the statuses of our Facebook friends.  Now AOL LLC is getting on board with building a platform that aggregates IMs from AOL Instant Messenger, tweets from Twitter, and statuses from Facebook.  Yesterday AOL launched a beta version of AIM 7, AIM for Mac 2.0, and a new mobile version.

More interestingly, AOL also launched a service called AIM Lifestream.  AIM Lifestream is built in to AIM 7, AIM for Mac 2.0, and the web version of AIM.  Lifestream also has the ability to share YouTube videos and Delicious links.  There is a Lifestream and separate Buddies tab built in to the software.  The buddies tab allows you to have private conversations with your friends.

AOL acquired Socialthing last year whose technology they are using to power the new lifestream service.  Socialthing lifestreams was built in to AOL owned social network Bebo last year too.

[via TechCrunch]