AIO Robotics To Launch Zeus 3D Printing Fax Machine On Kickstarter Next Month

Posted Aug 22, 2013

AIO Robotics will be launching the Zeus 3D printer on Kickstarter next month starting September 4th.  The Zeus 3D printer can scan, fax, copy, and print 3D objects, according to Quartz.  The replicators will sell for $2,199 or $2,799, which means that the Zeus will cost quite a bit compared to the Pirate3D Buccaneer.

The Zeus does not need to connect to a laptop since it has an on-board computer.  There are four buttons built into the Zeus including scan, print, copy, and fax.

AIO Robotics was created by Jens Windau and Kai Chang.  The two of them are computer science PhD students at the University of Southern California.  The two of them founded the company this year and they attempted to get funding from a technology accelerator at USC.