Air France and KLM Launching Social Network, But Will It Take Off?

Posted Nov 17, 2008 is a social network being put together by Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.  The two airline companies want users to register and submit which airplanes they are flying on and provide travel tips.  The social network encourages users to meet with other passengers on the flight at different destination points.

The social network is free and it is available in three different languages: French, English, and Dutch.  Personally I don’t think it will take off because any social network that involves networking between complete strangers seems iffy.  Plus I’m sure that a lot of people want to keep what flights they are travelling on as private information.

The whole idea seems too “stalkerish” and I think they should have really thought this one through.  Competition includes Mobissmo, TripUp, Dopplr, and Driftr.