Airbnb User Generated $50,000 So He Bought A House To Rent Out Too

Posted Oct 4, 2013

There is an Airbnb user that is making a killing.  A user with the alias Jackson White used his revenues from Airbnb to buy a house so that he can rent that out on the website also.  White generated $50,000 by renting out his San Francisco airport.

Airbnb is a service where anyone can sell a hotel-like experience of their property for a nightly fee.

White said that he was charging “$200/night and paying $1,900/mo. in rent.”  When his place was being rented, he stayed with his girlfriend.  Now he lives with his girlfriend permanent and is keeping his San Francisco airport to rent on Airbnb.

“I bought [the house] as an investment property, to rent out on Airbnb,” White told The Billfold. “All above the board. Legally. I?ll make more per night, for only a little bit more per monthly payment. Except this is not throwing money away in rent. It?s building equity.”

[Source: The Billfold/BusinessInsider]