Mobile Ad Network Airpush Is Now Paying Out $4 Million Per Month To Developers

Posted May 31, 2013

Based in Los Angeles, Airpush is the second largest ad network for Android developers with a network of over 90,000 apps and 2,000 advertisers.  The company has announced that they have hit $4 million in monthly developer payouts.  These numbers have seen 100% growth since August 2012.  Airpush has 140 employees in L.A. and Bangalore.

Airpush lets mobile application developers on Android to post banners, push notifications, icon ads in apps, and interstitial ads.  Airpush can send out payments on a weekly basis.  They also have $10 CPMs and over 90% in fill rates.

Some of Airpush’s ad clients include Zillow, Dunkin’ Donuts, Groupon, Zillow,, and Hotel Tonight.  Airpush’s advertisers an count on higher CTR and conversion rates than traditional mobile inventories.