Akamai Acquiring IP Platform Company Verivue

Posted Nov 13, 2012

Akamai Technologies Inc. has announced that they have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Verivue in a cash transaction.  Verivue will complement Akamai’s Aura Network Solutions division.  Verivue will help Akamai speed up their time to market to provide a licensed content delivery network solution for network operators.

“Verivue has done an impressive job of building a licensed content delivery infrastructure and getting it deployed with several important operators,” stated Akamai President and General Manager Mick Scully.  “We believe that Verivue’s technology will complement our roadmap for creating a comprehensive Operator CDN solution.  Akamai has relationships with hundreds of network operators, and we offer them instant federation with our global Intelligent Platform.  We believe joining forces with Verivue will allow us to help operators maximize content revenues and network efficiencies as the flood of media and video traffic increases.”

Verivue was started in 2006 and they have around 60 employees.  The transaction is expected to close around the end of 2012.