Akamai Buys FastSoft

Posted Sep 14, 2012

Akamai Technologies has announced today that they have bought FastSoft Inc.  FastSoft is a content acceleration software company.  The acquisition was made in cash.  This acquisition will be complemented with Akamai’s cloud infrastructure solutions with technology that helps optimize video and other digital content across IP networks.

FastSoft launched in 2006 and they have patented FastTCP algorithms to improve Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which adds intelligence designed to increase the speed of dynamic page views and file transfers while still helping reduce the effects of network latency and packet loss.

“FastSoft has developed unique acceleration software that is expected to be a strong complement to Akamai,” stated Bill Wheaton, the senior vice president and general manager of the Media Division at Akamai.  “Their development team possesses extensive experience in advanced TCP technology that we believe can enhance the delivery of rich media, as well as support future initiatives in the areas of mobile applications and cloud performance.”