Al Gore: Steve Jobs Is The Kind Of Guy That Comes Once Every 250 Years

Posted Oct 21, 2011

When the former United States Vice President Al Gore took the stage at the AsiaD conference, he gave his opinion on Steve Jobs. As an Apple board member, Gore was able to spend a lot of time with Jobs. ?There?s no one like Steve,? said Gore. ?He?s the kind of guy that comes along once every 250 years. He was totally unique. So obviously his death is a terrible loss for the entire world. And we?ll all miss him. But his legacy lives on.”

?Among Steve?s many tremendous breakthrough inventions?the Macintosh, the iPad, the iPhone, the iPad, the iPhone with Siri, Pixar, you can go right down the list?among them all I actually think his greatest work was Apple itself,? added Gore. ?He created an organization and inspired it. ? He created an organization that creates technology that people love. It?s really quite unique and extraordinary. And that?s going to continue. There?s a lot of stuff in the pipeline and the team he left behind is really firing on all cylinders. ? Everyone on that management team could be CEO of a world class corporation.?