Alabama Thieves Attempt Use Stolen Backhoe, Trailer, and Truck To Run Off With An ATM

Posted Jun 10, 2009

Yesterday there was a bizarre criminal incident that took place in Phenix City, Alabama.  Two criminals had stolen a backhoe to try and steal an ATM.  The criminals towed the stolen backhoe to the bank, unloaded it, and used it to load the ATM onto a flatbed trailer.  After loading the ATM on the trailer, the criminals drove off.  Apparently they did not account for the physics behind their crime.

The ATM slid off the trailer and landed in the middle of the road where police found it.  The ATM was still full of cash.  ?It sounded like a good plan at the time,? stated Police Chief Ray Smith. ?Lucky for us, it fell apart.?

The whole incident took place at 3AM this past Monday.  The machine was found near South and North Railroad streets off of Summerville Road.  The stolen backhoe was left behind at the bank after the criminals realized they could not get the heavy machinery back on the trailer.

The stolen ATM and backhoe was recovered for evidence.  Photo and video evidence will released once recovered.

Stealing an ATM is one thing, but last month we saw what happened to Shane Becker after he took a picture of an ATM.

[via Ledger-Enquirer/Gizmodo]