Alamo Drafthouse theater chain bans Google Glass

Posted Jun 10, 2014

Alamo Drafthouse, a theater company that has locations in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, and Virginia, will be the first one of the first U.S. chains to ban Google Glass. Google launched Glass to the public recently.

“Google Glass is officially banned from @drafthouse auditoriums once lights dim for trailers,” stated Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League in a tweet.

This past January, the FBI pulled a man in Ohio from a theater that was wearing Google Glass. He was watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit at an AMC theater. His Google Glass device was not turned on and he was actually using them for prescription reasons. In that same month, a motorist in California was cited for wearing Google Glass while driving, but she was cleared several months later.

Google Glass is also banned at restaurants, casinos, and gentleman’s clubs.

[Source: Ars Technica]