Alan Heuss Dupes The People That Jacked His Car Using A Fake Text Message

Posted Jan 10, 2009

Alan Heuss of Ohio drives a BMW.  This past Wednesday, he was carjacked.  The thieves opened his passenger door, put a gun to his face, and drove away with his car.  Later that day, Heuss was sitting with his friends talking about how upset he was.  One of Heuss’ friends came up with a clever idea.

Alan’s friend’s idea was to text the carjackers.  After all his phone was left in his Beemer.  “He said, ‘I’m going to text these guys, I’m going to blow some smoke their way,'” Heuss told the local TV station. “He said, ‘I’m going to tell them I’ve got a bunch of hot chicks, as if I’m texting you, and that we’ve got some drugs, too.'”

The criminals actually showed up to the address sent in the text message only seven hours after the carjacking took place.  The hot chicks with drugs turned out to be police officers.  The suspects even showed up in the stolen car.