Michael Dell’s Daughter Alexa Shuts Down Her Twitter and Instagram Over Security Concerns

Posted Aug 14, 2012

Michael Dell, the founder of Dell, spends around $2.7 million per year on a security team for his family.  However his daughter Alexa was really into sharing content on social media.

For example, one of her Instagram photos was posted on a blog called “Rich Kids of Instagram.”  The photo shows a photo of her brother Zach aboard the family’s jet on a flight to Fiji while eating a huge breakfast spread.

Alexa’s Twitter has been shut down too.  Alexa often used Twitter to say when she would arrive at a vacation destination and she posted an invitation to her high school graduation including the time, date, and location where her entire family would be.

Alexa has been using Twitter for a very long time, but now we know that she won’t be using social media publicly for a very long time now unless it is controlled by security.