Alexa Launches Firefox 3.0-Compatible Version of Sparky Toolbar Plugin

Posted Jun 1, 2008

The Internet traffic measurement company, Alexa Internet, Inc. has been down for quite some time now.  Today is June 1 and Alexa’s Internet traffic rankings has not updated since May 19.

Normally, Alexa updates daily.  Why isn’t Alexa updating?  There hasn’t been an official announcement, but Allen Stern’s theory is that they might be pulling a Twitter.

There is a sign of life at the company.  I received a notification from the Firefox browser that Alexa launched Sparky version 1.2.1, a plugin that works with Firefox 3.0 in the status bar.

I’m assuming that Alexa’s actual Internet traffic rankings should be working again soon.  This post will be updated when I notice that Alexa starts becoming functional again.