Alexa Stats Gets More Accurate Results

Posted Apr 16, 2008

“In recent months we’ve heard from our Alexa users that understanding Internet usage beyond Alexa Toolbar users was increasingly of interest. Ask and you shall receive!” wrote Geoffrey Mack on the Alexa Blog.

Alexa statistics have shifted and the bloggers were some of the first people to react. First thing I noticed was that TechCrunch’s rank felt about 1,000 and it’s ranking is now comparable to’s. This seems like an accurate assumption since at one point, TechCrunch was transparent with their hits and LifeHacker still is. Around the time I compared TechCrunch’s hits on SiteMeter vs. LifeHacker’s, I found that TechCrunch’s hits were less than half yet still had a much higher Alexa ranking.

Based on the new ranking that Alexa assigned Pulse 2.0, it seems like a fairly accurate assumption as well. Over the last couple months, Pulse 2.0’s Alexa ranking was falling, but hits were increasing overall. Today, our ranking jumped from 156,000 to 102,000. I think that Alexa is accounting for our overall increase in hits now.

Great job, Alexa team!