Overhauls Reporting System And Site Design

Posted Apr 15, 2009

You may have noticed there tended to be some wild Alexa ranking fluctuations lately. For example, Techmeme went from being close to 100,000 Alexa to about 10,000 instantly.  While many people don’t appreciate Alexa much anymore given the increase in other competitive services that assign a ranking to websites such as Technorati, Compete, Quantcast, etc.  But I still prefer to use Alexa as a good way to determine the valuation of blogs and other websites.  For example if I see a website that is over 20,000 on Alexa I can only assume it gets lots of hits and could make quite a bit of money based on its traffic.

Now Alexa has overhauled their system to give more advanced analytical information regarding the websites they track.  For example on top of the countries that most users come from, there is contact info, related links, keywords, clickstream, and demographics.  This is impressive considering that Alexa does not need websites to install a piece of code to track the analytics.

Other information provided by Alexa’s analytics system include daily traffic rank, reach, average pageviews per visitor, bounce %, average time spent on the site per visitor, and the % of users that arrive on the website through a search engine.  All things considered, I still heavily judge how important a website is by its Alexa ranking.  Alexa is owned by