Alexander Vittouris Designs Chevy T-REX Concept

Posted Jun 11, 2009

Monash University student Alexander Vittouris in Australia has designed a concept for a car called the Chevrolet T-REX.  The concept behind the car is the use of non-traditional materials for the design.  The sheet metal of a typical car is replaced by a textile-liberated “skin” on the T-REX.

The in-wheel motors are self-contained which creates a “bolt on” drivetrain solution.  The car also utilizes Michelin’s Tweel technology which gives the car more degree of ride compliancy.

“One of the other ideas incorporated into the design of the T-REX, was the seamless integration of interior and exterior – the exterior material becomes the seating cocoon for the driver and the two rear passengers.  Almost all vehicles, both production and concept, have a disconnection between the notion of the interior and the exterior – this was amongst many of the issues I was looking into,” stated Alexander Vittourius.

The concept was submitted for the Australian Design Award-James Dynson Award.

[via DesignBlog/StudentDesignAwards]