Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Gets Interviewed By Stephen Colbert

Posted Nov 16, 2013

Reddit co-Founder Alexis Ohanian has been interviewed on The Colbert Report this past week. During the interview, Ohanian also talks about Reddit, crowdfunding (Kickstarter), and the importance of an open Internet. Ohanian recently wrote a book called “Without Their Permission.” 

Colbert: “To support ‘Without Their Permission,’ you are right now on a five month bus tour to promote Internet entrepreneurship. Wouldn’t there be an easier way to do that? say on the Internet?”
Ohanian: “Touche, touche”
Colbert: “I don’t speak Spanish, but whatever.”
Ohanian: “I wanted an excuse to rent a bus and a T-shirt cannon and visit 77 universities across the country because my fellow millennials are the ones who are going to be able to do all this amazing stuff because it is not until I can actually get in front of them and hopefully give them the lecture that I wish I had when I was in undergrad that I think will galvanize into a lot of? ”
Colbert: “What is it? Give me a lecture. Boil it down to 10 words. What is the thing? You know because us millennials needs to hear it.”
Ohanian: *Deep breath* “Ok. Alright. You know on an Internet where all links are created equal. You can take a great idea and you can take all of that ambition and reach your maximum potential for being awesome thanks to the open Internet.”