Plans To Promote Wholesale Products On eBay

Posted Sep 12, 2010 Ltd. CEO David Wei said that the company is working on a new business strategy where clients can sell wholesale products world-wide to online e-commerce services like

The Alibaba Group is in the process of integrating Vendio and Auctiva, two e-commerce services that they acquired last year. Both companies are creating and testing software for for services that can be used on eBay and other e-commerce services.

eBay hasn’t exactly agreed to use Alibaba’s software in their marketplace, but Wei said that Alibaba’s ties to the American e-commerce company may be more of a direct partnership.

“We are competitors in some ways…But [we] have the same dream, same mission and same goal to help entrepreneurs,” stated Alibaba founder Jack Ma at a conference in China. “I believe one day we’ll work very close to each other.”