Facebook Yoga Teacher Gets Fired For Banning Phones

Posted Jul 10, 2012

A yoga teacher that was hired to teach classes at Facebook this past March was fired last month for banning students from looking at their mobile devices in class.  The 35-year-old yoga teacher Alice Van Ness said that her “no phone in class” policy was ignored by one student in specific.  Van Ness said that she shot the student a look and then then student stepped out of class to complete what she was doing.  The student complained to Van Ness’ managers and was fired a couple weeks later.

Plus One Health Management, the fitness employer she worked with told Van Ness not to say “no” to Facebook employees.  Van Ness supplied SFGate with a letter from the company that said instructors should “say yes” to students’ requests.

?We are in the business of providing great customer service,? said her termination notice from Plus One Health Management. ?Unless a client requires us to specifically say no to something, we prefer to say yes whenever possible.?

Van Ness said that the firing cost her a yoga teaching job at Cisco Systems.