All-In-One Communication and Social Discovery Company Raises $13 Million

Posted May 24, 2013

Based in Palo Alto, California, is an all-in-one communications and social discovery company that has raised $13 million in funding led by Georges Harik.  Harik is the co-founder of and was one of Google’s first 10 engineers. allows users to chat with friends on Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM, Facebook, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Steam, and VKontakte. recently announced a new feature called Broadcasts for Android and iOS.  Broadcasts lets users connect their native apps with people that have similar interests.  The service builds on the company’s real-time sharing network called imo Network.  The service has been redesigned with an emphasis on mobile platforms.  Users will be able to upload and share photos directly to the Broadcasts feed. apps are available for free on Android, the iPhone, and the iPad.  The app has been downloaded over 7 million times thus far.  The company is hitting over 750,000 unique daily visitors that send 50 million messages per day on average.

?Social discovery is an important feature,? stated Ralph Harik, the CEO of ?We want users to find relevant and useful information, people, news and other content that will make their lives better. imo broadcasts is a platform to achieve that.?

Georges Harik’s Time at Google

When Harik was at Google, he was the director of the Googlettes and a distinguished engineer at the company.  As the director of the Googlettes, he was responsible for the product management and strategy efforts behind Gmail, Google Talk, Google Video, Picasa, Orkut, Google Groups, and Google Mobile.  He also was the co-developer of Google AdSense and was the first engineering manager of the Google Search Appliance.  He co-authored the original product plan for the AdWords Online system as well.  Harik’s name is attached to numerous patents covering Google’s search engine and ad networks.