Alleged Ohio Chardon High School Shooter TJ Lane Left Cryptic Facebook Status In December

Posted Feb 29, 2012

Thomas “T.J.” Lane is the 17-year old suspect of killing three high school students and wounding 3 others in a shooting early this week in Ohio. He was described as a loner by students and his lawyer. TJ Lane was expected to be arraigned yesterday after the shooting at Chardon High. He came from a violent family too.

Lane’s father was arrested numerous times for abusing women including his mother. Lane was also shy and targeted by bullies. The shooting took place at 7:30AM at Chardon High. Lane was enrolled at the Lake Academy Alternative School, which is a school for “at risk” students.

Lane wrote a cryptic poem on Facebook in December before the shooting that happened about two months later. Below is the full message from The Daily Beast (Warning: it may be disturbing for some readers). I would link to it directly, but it appears that TJ Lane has been deleted from Facebook.

In a time long since, a time of repent, The Renaissance. In a quaint lonely town, sits a man with a frown. No job. No family. No crown. His luck had run out. Lost and alone. The streets were his home. His thoughts would solely consist of “why do we exist?” His only company to confide in was the vermin in the street. He longed for only one thing, the world to bow at his feet. They too should feel his secret fear. The dismal drear. His pain had made him sincere. He was better than the rest, allthose ones he detests, within their castles, so vain. Selfish and conceited. They couldn’t care less about the peasents they mistreated. They were in their own world, it was a joyous one too. That castle, she stood just to do all she could to keep the peasents at bay, not the enemy away. They had no enemies in their filthy orgy. And in her, the castles every story, was just another chamber of Lucifer’s Laboratory. The world is a sandbox for all the wretched sinners. They simply create what they want and make themselves the winners. But the true winner, he has nothing at all. Enduring the pain of waiting for that castle to fall. Through his good deeds, the rats and the fleas. He will have for what he pleads, through the eradication of disease. So, to the castle he proceeds, like an ominous breeze through the trees. “Stay back!” The Guards screamed as they were thrown to their knees. “Oh God, have mercy, please!” The castle, she gasped and then so imprisoned her breath, to the shallow confines of her fragile chest. I’m on the lamb but I ain’t no sheep. I am Death. And you have always been the sod. So repulsive and so odd. You never even deserved the presence of God, and yet, I am here. Around your cradle I plod. Came on foot, without shod. How improper, how rude. However, they shall not mind the mud on my feet if there is blood on your sheet. Now! Feel death, not just mocking you. Not just stalking you but inside of you. Wriggle and writhe. Feel smaller beneath my might. Seizure in the Pestilence that is my scythe. Die, all of you.

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