Alloy Digital Raises $30 Million In Series A

Posted Mar 8, 2013

Alloy Digital is a company that operates one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube.  Alloy Digital has raised $30 million in Series A funding from ABS Capital Partners.  Alloy Digital recently acquired successful online video companies like Smosh, Generate, The Escapist, Clevver Media, and B5 Media.

Smosh has one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube with over 8 million subscribers.  Now Alloy Digital has a total network of channels with more than 12 million subscribers.

“Our strategy is similar to how traditional media companies broadly approach content and intellectual property,” stated Alloy Digital CEO Matt Diamond in an interview with TheWrap “We have a hit show and the monetization and marketing engine quickly gets around that with merchandise, international syndication and domestic syndication.”