The Linux Foundation announces formation of AllSeen Alliance

Posted Dec 10, 2013

The Linux Foundation has announced the formation of the AllSeen Alliance, which is a consortium dedicated to adopting and innovating the “Internet of Everything” in homes.  The Linux Foundation is the nonprofit organization that focuses on the growth of Linux. The Internet of Everything is the idea that devices and systems can be connected in transparent ways to enable seamless sharing of information and coordinated operations to address everyday issues.

The founding members of the AllSeen Alliance include many electronics manufacturers and home appliances manufacturers. Some of the premier level partners are Haier, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp, Silicon Image and TP-LINK. Other community members include Cisco, D-Link, Harman, HTC, Sears Brand Management Corporation, and Sproutling.

“Open source software and collaborative development have been proven to accelerate technology innovation in markets where major transformation is underway,” stated Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. “Nowhere is this more evident today than in the consumer, industrial and embedded industries where connected devices, systems and services are generating a new level of intelligence in the way we and our systems interact. The AllSeen Alliance represents an unprecedented opportunity to advance the Internet of Everything for both home and industry. We are very happy to host and help guide this work.”