AllThingsD Reveals Facebook’s Financial Details

Posted Feb 1, 2008

Today AllThingsD answered a question that so many tech industry folks must have been wondering: How does Facebook spend all that money?  The 60 Minutes feature of Facebook answered part of it, create a sustainable work environment that resembles a college dorm.

Yesterday afternoon, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg revealed what is happening with Facebook revenues and funding.

Here are some of the figures that were presented during Zuckerberg’s financial session combined with figures that are already known.

Facebook Revenue (2007): $150 million
Facebook Revenue (2008) Projections: $300-$350 million
Capital Expenditures for 2008: $200 million for costs such as servers
# of employees current: 450
# of employees for 2008: 1,000
Projected EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) for 2008: $50 million
Cash Flow (EBITDA – Capital Expenditures) for 2008: -$150 million
Investment in Facebook: $300 million
Company Valuation: $15 billion

Although it is not known what the cost of the Silicon Valley office or London office is, Alley Insider discovered that Facebook’s stealth NYC office on Fifth Ave. runs about $29,000 per month.

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