Alltop, Still Useless After A Redesign

Posted Sep 23, 2008

Don’t get me wrong, I think Guy Kawasaki is one of the best motivational speakers.  But when it comes to web ideas, I think Alltop is just a terrible idea.  Alltop aggregates content from the best blogs and news sources out there.  Essentially Alltop piggybacks the hard work of writers.  The blogs that Alltop aggregates gets linked to, but who cares?  TechCrunch writer, Don Reisinger drank the Kool-Aid and stated that Alltop’s redesign makes the site a lot better.  Maybe Don didn’t get the memo from Arrington that Alltop is “just a big pile of nothing.”

What has been redesigned by Alltop?  Now all the sites that Alltop links to can be found by categorization and search.  The reason why I don’t think Alltop is useful is because it lacks customization.  Alltop only shows you what they think are good news sources.  Almost every major search engine company out there is investing millions of dollars to create homepage customization.  I’d rather make Netvibes or PageFlakes or Google Reader my homepage than Alltop. 

If anyone feels that there is any good reason why I should use Alltop as my homepage instead of a customizable homepage, leave it in a comment.  I haven’t changed my opinion since Alltop started.