Alpine Data Labs Raises $16 Million In Series B

Posted Nov 22, 2013

Alpine Data Labs has announced that they have raised $16 million in Series B funding from Sierra Ventures, Mission Ventures, UMC Capital and Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH. Alpine Data Labs is known for selling big data analytics solutions.

?Our advantage is quite simple,? stated Alpine Data Labs Joe Otto. ?We are built for the new world of data, a world that?s more fluid and agile, and where every data analyst can participate in Data Science. Our solution takes advantage of the storage and compute power of distributed systems like Hadoop or databases like Greenplum ? and it does so without putting a burden on IT departments, developers or data scientists. With our software, customers are up and running in hours and their analytical teams can run complex algorithms on top of large data systems without having to move data around, or code their way through MapReduce or Pig.?