Alpine PND-K3msn Becomes More Direct With MSN

Posted Mar 21, 2009

Alpine Electronics has launched a new in-car GPS product called the Alpine PND-K3msn.  The Alpine PND-K3msn has many of the same features as its predecessor, the Alpine PND-K3.  Its still has the same navigation features, text-to-speech functionality, Bluetooth, and highway junction view.  The only difference between the two is MSN direct services.

MSN Direct connects real-time information on the Alpine PND-K3msn.  It shows weather forecasts, real-time traffic, gas prices, and movie showtimes.  MSN Direct also placed a “Send to GPS” feature that allows you to find businesses/people on Live Search maps and then send the addresses to your PND-K3msn.  This puppy is about $299.95, but you get three months free of MSN Direct.  After those 3 months are up, MSN Direct is a $49.95 per year or $129.95 one-time fee.

Its a bit pricey, but having a handy GPS always ends up paying for itself by the time you end up saving from getting lost.

[via CNET]