Altec Lansing Launches New Line of Budget Speakers

Posted May 4, 2009

I haven’t had the best of luck with Altec Lansing speakers.  I bought some $120+ computer speakers from Altec Lansing and the sub woofer blew out within a couple of months.  This is why I choose not to spend much on computer speakers anymore.  Coincidentally Altec Lansing launched a new line of speakers that you may want to consider if you have $20-$50 to play around with.

The least expensive model introduced is the BXR1220 (pictured above).  That model costs $20 and is a pair of satellite-style speakers that works directly through USB for audio and for power.  The BXR1220 speakers also feature titanium-metallic accents and has a volume ring to easily adjust the loudness.  The BXR1221 is $30 and is the same as the 1220 with the exception of a small 4″ driver subwoofer and the requirement of wall-outlet power.

The VS2620 is $30 and is in the shape of a trapezoid.  Each speaker has a 3″ active speaker and a matching 3 inch passive driver.  There two input jacks in the VS2620 speakers, one for the computer and the other as a second audio source.

Lastly is the $50 VS2621.  The VS2621 has a 3-piece system with a 4″ driver in the sub woofer and 2″ drives in each speaker.  The VS2621’s sub woofer is about 4.9″ wide.  There are two audio inputs and volume/tone controls on one of the speakers.

[via PCW]