Alyssa Milano Boos An iPhone App And Gets Attacked By The “Tweetie Mob”

Posted Oct 2, 2009

Alyssa Milano is best known as Samantha on Who’s The Boss? and Phoebe Halliwell on Charmed. Milano has recently been very active on Twitter. Milano recently faced the wrath of the “Tweetie mob” when she retweeted the following message:
“Boooooo!!! RT @TwitterDispatch: Tweetie ‘Upgrade’ costs the same as buying new:”

Milano was referring to the Tweetie iPhone application which costs $2.99. Given Milano’s celebrity status, it turns out that many people did not like her reaction for having to pay for an iPhone app. Frommer of BusinessInsider bashed Milano for her remarks, but I disagree with him for doing that.

Milano is entitled to her opinion just as much as Frommer is. And for those developers complaining about more people needing to support them, develop high quality apps and you will get downloads. Tweetie is one of the top grossing applications on the Apple App Store so I’m sure whoever made it is doing very well financially now.