Alyssa Milano’s Hits Over $50,000 In Charity Water Donations With Help From Twitter

Posted Dec 14, 2009

Alyssa Milano is a newly wed and she is getting close to turning 37 years old (December 19th). But Milano does not want any gifts. She wants people to donate to charity: water instead. Milano hopes that the cause will help bring safe water to 15 communities, 750 families, and 3,750 people.

“I’m giving up my 37th birthday to hopefully raise $50,000 for clean water projects and sanitation projects in developing nations,” said Milano in an interview with People. “And we’re so close ? we’re so close!” Milano already raised close to $50,000 goal and hopes to get it to at least $75,000.

Milano gave props to her Twitter followers for the charity success. “I have almost a half a million followers, so it allows you to reach that many people. What happens that makes Twitter so powerful is even if a fifth of those people get the word out to the people that are following them, you’re really creating this amazing sort of cycle.”

[Alyssa Milano’s Clean Water website]