The Story Of Amanda Todd

Posted Oct 15, 2012

Amanda Todd is a teenager from Vancouver that had a heart-wrenching story.  Amanda Todd was the victim of intense cyber-bullying to the point where it led to a tragic end.  Amanda was found deceased last Wednesday night in Coquitlam, Canada.  The authorities believe that she committed suicide.  So what happened to her and what is her story?

In one video that Amanda uploaded on YouTube, she wrote that in 7th grade, she would go with friends on the web cam to meet and talk to new people.  In one video, a stranger asked her to flash the camera.  About one year after that, a man on Facebook contacted her and threatened to send the picture around of her topless unless she “put on a show.”  The stranger knew everything about her — address, school, friends, relatives, and family member names.  The naked photo of her was sent to many people.  As a result of the video, Amanda had developed depression and anxiety disorders.  She started drinking a lot of alcohol and took a lot of drugs.

She had to change schools and found a new group of friends to leave behind the bullies.  A man created a new Facebook profile using her uncensored photo as the profile picture.  Amanda said that she “cried every night, lost all my friends and respect people had for me… again… then nobody liked me,” she wrote in a YouTube video.

The bullying started again and she started to cut herself.  Amanda moved to another school.  After a boy started to flirt with her there, a group of girls from her first school and beat her up.  The kids filmed it too.  “I was all alone and left on the ground,” said Amanda.  “Teachers ran over but I just went and layed in a ditch and my dad found me.”  After she went home with her dad, she drank bleach in an attempt to kill herself, but she was saved after being taken to the hospital.

Even after moving to a new city, counselors and anti-depressants did not help with her severe depression.

Whether we like it or not, we now live in a world where everybody is connected.  There is a lot of public information out there about everybody.  When using social media, one must become cognizant about what types of predators exist out there.  If you are not an adult, do not talk to strangers online or give any personal information about them.