Amazon Hits $21.27 Billion In Q4 2012 Revenues

Posted Jan 30, 2013

Amazon reported their Q4 2012 revenues earlier this week.  The company hit revenues of $21.27 billion and a good amount of that figure was driven by sales of the Kindle and e-books.  The company’s expenses in the past quarter were very high though as proven by their $97 million in profit.

Amazon’s revenue was up 22% from $17.43 billion in Q4 2011.  Operating income is up 56% at $405 million during the past quarter compared to $260 million last year.  The company’s net income dropped 45% from the same time last year as they had $177 million in Q4 2011. CEO Jeff Bezo was expecting these numbers.  He said that e-books are a “multi-billion dollar category” for the company and it is “growing fast.”

In all of 2012, Amazon hit revenues of $61.09 billion, which is up 27% from $48.08 billion in 2011.  Their operating income decreased 22% to $676 million compared to $862 million in 2011.  In terms of 2012 profits, lost $39 million. compared to a net income of $631 million in 2011.

[Source: SlashGear]