Amazon Launches Music Streaming App Cloud Player For The iPad

Posted Feb 27, 2013

A couple weeks ago announced that the Amazon Cloud Player will be integrated with the Ford Sync AppLink platform.  The company has announced today that their iOS application has been updated with native support for the Apple iPad.  The Amazon Cloud Player iPad app looks similar to the iPhone version that was launched about a year and a half ago.

Amazon launched the Cloud Player iOS application one year after announcing a music storage and streaming application.  When the iOS application launched last summer, the application supported the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The service lets users store up to 5GB of music for free before requiring additional storage.

Amazon’s Cloud Player service has two tiers, free and premium.  The free tier lets users store around 250 songs.  Premium users can store around 250,000 songs for $25/year.  When songs are bought through Amazon through the company’s MP3 store or Amazon’s AutoRip service, it will not count towards storage totals.

The iPad version of the app lets you sort music by artists, albums, songs, genres, or playlists.  You can also switch between the Cloud and Device sections.  The Device section lets users play music that they want to store locally for offline access.  You can download music from the Cloud section of the app.  Settings can be configured around whether Amazon should automatically add MP3 purchases and whether downloading/streaming should work over WiFi.

You can download the Amazon Cloud Player for the iPad at this iTunes.  Amazon has support for smartphones and tablets on Android too.

Amazon’s Streaming Music Service Goes Big Screen With Debut Of Cloud Player For iPad