Amazon’s Collections Service Has A User Interface Similar To Pinterest

Posted Aug 2, 2013 has launched a new service that looks just like Pinterest.  Amazon Collections lets users categorize their shopping wish lists into different categories.  Amazon Collections allows users to follow other users and add images to lists.  “Collections are a way to gather and share things you like, want, or recommend,” states the Amazon Collections website. “Start a Collection to show off your unique style, or see what others have Collected on Amazon.”

Collections has three categories called my style, want list, and possibilities.  Users can create other lists as well.  Amazon Collections has default lists for books, music, movies, fashion, etc.  Amazon Collections is a test phase so it is unknown if it will be available years from now, according to CNET.

Amazon is not the only e-commerce website that has copied user interface ideas from Pinterest.  eBay launched Setify in September 2012, which is a Pinterest like tool for sharing a collection of products.  That service is now called eBay Collect.