Android Developers Can Now Sell In-App Purchases That Are Over $20

Posted Apr 17, 2012 has loosened the restrictions on developers by allowing them to charge higher prices for in-app purchases. The reason why Amazon made the change is because they have strengthened parental controls.

?With our parental controls functionality now updated, in-app items over $20 may now be submitted via the developer portal,? said Amazon in an official statement.

Android and iOS developers depend heavily on in-app purchases. Some of the top grossing games make a majority of their income from in-app purchases, but these types of transactions are often controversial. Some kids have run the bill up by hundreds of dollars because of strong password requirements for in-app purchases. Apple put a 15-minute window for device owners to type in their password. After the 15 minutes passes, they will have to re-enter their password.

Amazon is known for their one-click payment flow, which would make in-app purchases risky for kids. However the Kindle has parental controls and all purchases will require a 4-digit PIN if the owners set that up in the “Settings” menu.