Announces That E-Book Sales Passes Paper Books On Christmas Day

Posted Dec 29, 2009

During the holiday season, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) announced that sales of e-books has slid past the sales of paper books. founder Jeff Bezos also mentioned that the Kindle was the most gifted product in the company’s history.

“We are grateful to our customers for making Kindle the most gifted item ever in our history,” stated Bezos. “On behalf of employees around the world, we wish everyone happy holidays and happy reading!” said that the sale of the Kindle device has surpassed the 8GB iPod Touch and the Nuvi 260W GPS device. The high sales of the Kindle was probably one of the reasons for the spike in e-book sales.

Amazon also announced that December 14 was the busiest day of the season. Amazon processed sales of about 9.5 million items on that day.