Offers Incentives For Customers That Buy Apps

Posted Oct 8, 2013 is going to give consumers credit for Amazon Coins if they buy apps from the company’s Appstore Developer Select program.  This is part of a plan to encourage developers to make higher quality tablet apps.

As part of the program, developers are asked to design apps that are designed specifically for newer Android tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire.  Amazon will promote those apps and place them in a special section of the app store so that consumers can find them easier.

The Amazon app store currently has about 100,000 apps, which is around one-fourth of how many apps have been designed for the iPad specifically.

“We’ve heard from a lot of developers that are not getting discovered, not only in our app store but any app stores really,” stated Amazon Appstore Director Aaron Rubenson. “It is still a challenge because there’s a lot of high-quality apps out there.”

Amazon is also going to put the apps in the Amazon AppStore Coins Rewards category.  When customers buy apps from that category, they will get Amazon Coins.  When customers buy a “select” app or in-app item for the first time, they will receive 250 coins ($2.50 in credits) for future purchases.

Amazon will automatically enroll the apps in the program if they meet the requirements of functioning well on a tablet and based on aesthetics.

[Source: CNET]