Setting Up Voice Guide and Touch Control For Vision-Impaired Kindle Fire Users

Posted Dec 7, 2012 will be adding two new accessibility features on the Kindle Fire.  The two new features are called Explore by Touch and Voice Guide.  The features will be added to the 7-inch Kindle Fire and 7-inch Kindle Fire HD.  These features already exist in’s larger tablets and will be added some time “early next year.”

The features helps the vision-impaired get around the user interface of the tablet easier.  Explore by Touch gives information to the user with audible announcements as they move their finger across the touchscreen.  If a user swipes their finger over a game, the system will read out the name of it.

The Voice Guide uses text-to-speech to read any action out loud performed on the device by the user.  If a user taps on a book, the system will name that book out loud and confirm when the user opens it.