Amazon EC2 Dedicated Instances Price Drops Up To 80%

Posted Jul 10, 2013
announced earlier today that they are going to drop the prices of dedicated instances on the EC2 cloud computing platform by up to 80%.  The dedicated per region fees will cost $2 per hour instead of $10.’s Dedicated Instances lets you take advantage of on-demand and reserved instance purchasing options.’s dedicated reserved instances have seen a reduction of up to 57% on the Reserved Instance upfront fee and the hourly instance usage fee.  Their dedicated on-demand instances has a reduction of 37% in hourly costs.

“We are excited to announce a price reduction of up to 80% on Amazon EC2 Dedicated Instances. Dedicated Instances are EC2 instances that run on single-tenant hardware dedicated to a single customer account. They are ideal for workloads where corporate policies or industry regulations require that your EC2 instances be isolated from instances that belong to other customers at the host hardware level,” said in a statement.

The changes will be implemented on July 1, 2013.