Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Is Building A 10,000 Year Clock

Posted Nov 30, 2012

Jeff Bezos revealed at Amazon Web Services conference on Thursday that he is building a 10,000 year clock that is deep in the mountains near one of his homes in West Texas.  The clock is supposed to play a different sound to celebrate the passing of each year.

?The clock is a symbol for long-term thinking,? stated Bezos. ?If we think long-term, we can accomplish things that we couldn?t otherwise accomplish.?  One example he gave is that ending world hunger in 5 years may not sound feasible, but it is possible in 100 years.

?All we?ve done there is change the time horizon, we didn?t change the challenge. Time horizons matter. They matter a lot.?  Bezos has invested $42 million into the project.

The clock will have five anniversary chambers also.  The first one will go off every year, the second one every 10 years, the third one every 100 years, the fourth one every 1,000 years, and the last one once the 10,000 years have passed.