Amazon Kindle Fire May Be A Hotter Selling Device Than The iPad This Holiday Season

Posted Nov 13, 2011

The, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Kindle Fire may be the hottest selling tablet this holiday season according to a recent survey that was published by The demand may even beat the iPad 2.

About 1,000 consumers were polled by Retrevo last month and 12% said that they plan on buying an Amazon Kindle Fire. About 10% said that they would buy an iPad 2 ahead of the holidays. About 27% of existing tablet owners said that they would buy upgrade the Kindle Fire and 20% said that they would buy an iPad.

Retrevo asked consumers whether they would purchase the $199 Kindle Fire over the $499 iPad 2 and 44% of the respondents said yes, 12% said no, and 44% said that they don’t know enough information about the Kindle Fire to make a decision.

?Operating System confusion and lack of ?tablet? apps on the Android side may have helped keep Android tablets at bay however, the iPad 2 is starting to show its age and the new Kindle Fire is about to make the scene with a very attractive $199 price point,? wrote Andrew Eisner on the Retrevo company blog. ?As popular as the Kindle Fire appears in this study, whether it lives up to expectations on things like battery life, performance, image quality, etc, the picture could get brighter or less bright for the Kindle Fire.?